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Frankfurt am Main / Deutschland

A show case entry/Beispieleintrag:Pakistan Promotion Office  Bonameser Mittelgasse 1
60437 Frankfurt am Main
T +49 69 15349760
F +49 69 95049998
E info@pakistan-promotion-office.de
W www.pakistan-promotion-office.de

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Bilaziam Industries
Sialkot / Pakistan

Bilaziam Industries  Ghuinke
Daska Road
T +92 (052) 3524191,3524192-3
F +92 (052) 3524194-3524195
W www.bilaziamgloves.com

  • Grained Goatskin leather gloves, Wing thumb, index finger and shirred elastic back, Polyester azo free fabric orange on back
  • Grained sheepskin Leather gloves, Wing thumb, index finger & shirred elastic back, Sky blue azo free interlock cotton fabric
  • Grained Goatskin leather gloves, Key stone thumb, index finger, Navy azo free polyester fabric back with Velcro strap closure
  • Grained goatskin gloves, 3 finger tips, Green azo free cotton fabric back, Velcro strap & wrist elastic
  • Grained Goatskin leather gloves, Key stone thumb, index finger, Navy azo free polyester fabric back and yellow piping
  • Grained Goatskin leather gloves, Key stone thumb, index finger, Back azo free polyester fabric and piping red
  • Cow split Leather gloves, Normal Color tanned, Yellow azo free Cotton Fabric back with Rubberized safety cuff
  • Grained cowhide Leather gloves, Crust–tanned, Cotton fabric back with Rubberized safety cuff
  • Cow split leather gloves, Red azo free fabric Back, safety cuff with Piping Navy
  • Grained goatskin Leather gloves of very highest quality, Normal color-tanned Flexible, Full fur lining Front elastic for better wrist grip
  • Grained goatskin/sheepskin gloves, Key stone thumb & straight finger, Shirred elastic back & red piping
  • Grained goatskin Leather gloves, Crust-tanned Flexible Good fit, Wing thumb & index finger Shirred elastic back
  • Grained goatskin Leather gloves, Good Fit, Wing thumb & index finger, Pulse protcetion & wrist elast
  • Grained Goatskin Leather Gloves, Wing thumb & index finger, Shirred elastic back
  • Cowsplit Leather Gloves, Wing thumb & straight finger, Shirred elastic back & green piping
  • Cowhide/split Leather gloves, Wing thumb & index finger, Shirred elastic back
  • Grained goatskin Leather gloves, Water proof-tanned, Wing thumb & index finger Shirred elastic back
  • Grained cowhide Leather gloves, Water proof-tanned, Wing thumb & straight finger, Pulse protection & wrist elast
  • Synthetic amara gloves of highest quality, Orange spandex textile & reflective on back, Two finger tips Velcro closure for better grip
  • Synthetic amara gloves of very high quality, Flexible Good fit Black spandex / 4 way textile back Wing thumb Reinforcement palm & velcro closure for better grip
  • Cowsplit gloves of high quality, Crust-tanned, 7cm split cuff
  • Grained goatskin gloves of highest quality, Crust-tanned, 15cm split cuff
  • Cowsplit gloves of highest quality, Normal color tanned Flexible, Full heavy cotton lining 15cm split safety cuff

BILAZIAM Industries was established in 1989 founded by Mr. BASHIR GHUMMAN, who had worked in the safety goods manufacturing for many years. Today BILAZIAM Industries is one of the most promising company in the field of Safety goods. We have, over the years, worked extremely hard to establish our brand name in the international market and we intend to preserve and enhance upon this recognition status.

BILAZIAM, is now symbol of quality, prompt deliveries, and services among the safety goods community across the Globe.

Our experience of many years has taught us the significance of providing value for money and our emphasis has always been on customer satisfaction. We represent quality, reliability and durability in whatever products we supply. Our safety goods confirm to the highest international standards.

BILAZIAM INDustries is an active member of The Sialkot Chamber of Commerce, Gloves Association and ILO working to eliminate the child labor and their rehabilitation in the safety goods industry.

We will continue to serve and standardize in the name of quality.

Finally we have come at a stage to adopt QSP ( Quality, services & pricing )as our business phiosophy.

Thank you
BILAZIAM Industries


Leiter: Verwaltung, Organisation

Leiter: Marketing, Vertrieb, Werbung, PR

Leiter: Fertigungs, Qualitätskontrolle

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05. - 08.11.2013
Halle 07a / Stand B27 C 27

Danial Industries
Sialkot / Pakistan

Danial Industries  P.O.Box No. #1499
T +92 (052) 3562704
F +92 (052) 3561613
W www.danialind.com

    Anti Vibration Gloves
  • Soft, flexible and durable goat skin leather palm with gel Padding
  • Foam padding on back with knuckle protection, breathable mesh and Spandex on back
  • Elastic on wrist for snug fit.
    Farmer Gloves
  • Cut finger style synthetic leather palm
  • Palm & fingers PVC grip for protection.
  • Stretch Spandex for fit and comfort
  • Neoprene padding back for knuckle protection
  • Neoprene Velcro closure for snug fit.
    Mechanical Gloves
  • Soft, flexible and durable Amara synthetic
  • leather palm
  • Amara reinforced thumb saddle
  • for added protection and wear
  • Breathable, padded stretch Spandex
  • for fit and comfort
  • Elastic on wrist for snug fit.

We Would Like to thanks Those who have been supporting us all those years! Being the largest producer and exporter in Pakistan for Work / Safety Gloves. which play a vital role in protecting your hands.

Danial Industries has been making work / safety gloves from the best to most economical quality with the most completive prices for our its valued customers all over the world with an annual production volume for over 600.000 pairs of regular production except tender projects. An efficient quality control system on our customers demand and quality requirements. Danial is accredited to ISO 9000 : 2000.

Our high quality products are produced with most top quality and well tested materials, and are in compliance with the international standards. The products are well manufactured and are always perfect for the fuction they are made for. We carry out all the necessary tests, inspections and process control activities to ensure that they is no problem with the products. The technical specifications are provided for more understanding of the products and to improve confidence of the customers.

growing with our valued customers, we treasure long term relationship with them! On the other hand, we are eager to build-up business relationship with potential customers who are interested in our products. We promise to carry on with our dedicated to the best services and to improve whatever we could tobe one the industries best sources for the personal safety.

We sincerely appreciate your full support.

Team @ Danial Industries.

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05. - 08.11.2013
Halle 07a / Stand B27 C27

Dilpasand Hosiery Pvt. Ltd
Faisalabad / Pakistan

Dilpasand Hosiery Pvt. Ltd  Opposite Sui Gas Sub Station
Narwala Road
GM Abad
T +92 (041) 2695959
F +92 (041) 2680055
W www.dilpasand.com

ProdukteHandschuhe, Handschutz
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05. - 08.11.2013
Halle 07a / Stand B27 C27

Jashan Walk Industries
Sialkot / Pakistan

Jashan Walk Industries  Haji Pura Daska Road
T +92 (052) 3563732
F +92 (052) 3259114
W www.jashanwalk.com

  • Work Winter Glove
    Made of Black Cow Grain Leather, WING THUMB, 7.5 Cm Black Cow Grain Cuff, Acrylic Lined With 3m thinsulate
  • Line-Man Glove
    Made of Natural Goat Skin Leather, Straight Thumb, Elastic on Wrist
  • Tig/Mig Welder Gloves
    Made of Goat Skin Leather, Wing Thumb, return on Index Finger, 10 cm Blue Split Cuff on the back

As an honorable Partner of "Jashan Walk Industries" I would like to introduce our firm history with work procedure. In the market of Pakistan, we are one of the chief exporters of leather work safety gloves such as Driver gloves, Goatskin driver gloves, Cowhide driver gloves, Sheepskin driver gloves , Natural Cowhide driver gloves, TigMig Welding gloves, Leather Palm gloves, Dress gloves, cycle gloves, police gloves etc since 1987.We are using very good quality Sheepskin, Goatskin, Buffalo leather, Cow grain leather & cow split leather in our gloves. We manufacturing complete leather in our tannery.

In our stitching units, we have 200 sewing machines with 17 hydraulic presses. All the gloves are cutting on presses, not by hand cutting. Our all staff members are capable for work, and we have skilled workers for the production of gloves. Our cubic content is the largest one and we made 150,000 pairs of gloves per month.

Our work method is consent to the European standard norms. We are working in the accordance of ISO 9002 certification. The quality standard and working process maneuver are unbeatable and so strong, that's the reason why our entire customer’s extents are satisfied with us. We can work an according to your desirable demands OR you may ask samples of our models, so that you can comprehend about what we are offering you?

For more details, please contact us without any hesitation.

Waiting to see your positive retort.

Thanks & best regards,
M. Shabbir

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05. - 08.11.2013
Halle 07a / Stand B27 C27

Kumail Enterprises
Sialkot / Pakistan

Kumail Enterprises  Hussaini Road, Abbas Chowk
Muzaffar Pur
T +92 (052) 3257023
F +92 (052) 3257068
W www.kumailent.com

ProdukteHandschuhe und Arbeitshandschuhe aus eigener Produktion, in selbst entworfenen Design..


KUMAIL ENTERPRISES is a Pakistan based Manufacturers & Exporters of superior quality leather accessories in its second generation. KUMAIL ENTERPRISES has designed and manufactured protective gloves for more than 30 years. It is a professionally managed company with qualified supplier development department. The company is responsible for facilitating and expediting international trade in Gloves, Jackets, Soccer balls and other accessories made out of leather. We produce Full-Range of Gloves. As a family owned business, we have never lost sight of the personal attention each individual customer deserves.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. Hence, great emphasis is put on the quality and design; each and every product is stringently scrutinized to meet complete satisfaction of our prestigious customers.

Our company is fully equipped with modern tannery tanning all the leather used in gloves production like Goatskin, Sheepskin, Split, Cowhide, Horsehide, Chrome Free, Water-Resistant, Chemical Resistant & Heat/Fire-Resistant Leather. Our Faculty is well groomed with the said leathers. They can convert all the leathers in every Color, Thickness and Quality.

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05. - 08.11.2013
Halle 07a / Stand B27 C27

Leather Field Pvt. Ltd.
Sialkot / Pakistan

Leather Field Pvt. Ltd.  Cheema Square
Capital Road
T +92 (052) 3556272-8
F +92 (052) 3551942 & 3553564
W www.leatherfield.com

NeuigkeitenBesuchen Sie uns auf der A+A Messe in Düsseldorf.
05. - 08.11.2013
Halle 07a / Stand B27 C27

Rastgar & Company (Pvt.) Ltd
Karachi / Pakistan

Rastgar & Company (Pvt.) Ltd  Rastgar House 10-A, Hassan Homes
Block-5, Kehkashan
75600 Karachi
T UAN: 111-727-777
Tel: +92 (21) 35873605
F +92 (21) 35870609
E ko@rastgar.com
W www.rastgar.com

ProdukteAir Compressors

Rastgar & Co offer following Compressed Air Services for its customers:
  1. Planning & Selection
  2. Turnkey Installations
  3. Automation
  4. Heat recovery
  5. Air Audits
  6. Service
  7. Spares
FirmenprofilRastgar & Company (Pvt.) Ltd started its operation in 1980. With 31 years of meritorious services for Pakistan’s industry in compressed air systems Planning & Selection, Turnkey Installations, Automation, Heat Recovery, AirAudit, Service and Spares. Rastgar& Co Operates on 4-S, concepts providing customer with sales, service, spares and solutions. Rastgar has a dedicated team of trained engineers to exceed expectation of our customers. With an extremely reliable Air Compressor line of CompAir, SAMSUNG, Hydrovane Rastgar offers oil free, turbo, water injected, vane and screw compressors to suit all needs of our customers. More than 1000 installation from all industrial sectors of Pakistan continue to buy CompAir, Quantima and Samsung brand compressors from Rastgar.
KontaktHerr Maqsood Zulfqar (Chief Executive Officer)
Email: Maqsood.Zulfqar@rastgar.com
Tel: +92 21 111 727 777
Handy: +92 333 212 62 15

Rastgar House, 10-A
Hassan Homes, Block-5
Kehkashan, Clifton

UAN: 111-727-777
Tel: +92 (21) 35873605
Fax: +92 (21) 35870609
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Langen / Deutschland

re-pmc  Goethestr.18
63225 Langen
T +49 (0178) 1974211

W www.re-pmc.com


KURZE LAUFZEIT, HOHER FESTZINS: 20% p.a. Festzins und eine Laufzeit von 2 Jahren – das sind die attraktiven Eckdaten des ‚Pak-German Solar School‘ Projekts der REPMC – von dem sowohl der Emittent als auch Sie als Investor profitieren können. Anlegern bietet die festverzinste Geldanlage eine bewährte Alternative im Niedrigzinsumfeld. Das Beteiligungskapital von insgesamt € 250.000,- ist für den Aufbau und den Betrieb der ‚Solar School‘ inklusive Export von RE/EE Technologie und Dienstleistungen ‚Made in Germany‘ durch die REPMC und ihren Partnern in Deutschland vorgesehen. Profitieren Sie von den hohen Zinsen und einer zuverlässigen Rückzahlung ihres eingesetzten Kapitals.

weiter lesen.
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Royal Jewellers (Frankfurt)
Frankfurt / Deutschland

Royal Jewellers (Frankfurt)  Kaiserstraße 64 (Laden 1)
60329 Frankfurt
T +49 (0)69 251813
F +49 (0)69 24007969
E quality@royal-jewellers.de
W www.royal-jewellers.de

Eine Vielzahl an Ringen in den schönsten Variationen bietet Ihnen Royal Jewellers in Frankfurt. Ob zur Verlobung oder Hochzeit, hier werden Sie sicher fündig. Gold- und Silberringe in einer großen Auswahl warten darauf sie zu begeistern. Selbstverständlich fertigen wir auch Ihre individuellen Ringe, sollten Sie in unserer Kollektion ausnahmsweise einmal nicht fündig werden.

Royal Jewellers bietet Ihnen edlen Schmuck in ausgewähltem Design. Wir verwenden nur hochwertige Edelmetalle und verarbeiten diese auf höchstem Goldschmiedeniveau. Edle Colliers in Gold und Silber, mit Edel- und Halbedelsteinen oder mit edelstem Emaille verziert. Filigrane Muster und formschöne Designs spiegeln unseren hohen Anspruch an unsere Arbeit wider. Wählen Sie aus unserem reichhaltigen Angebot, den Schmuck, der Sie am besten kleidet oder lassen Sie sich individuell Ihr persönliches Schmuckstück anfertigen.

und vieles mehr

Saqlain Brothers
Sialkot / Pakistan

Saqlain Brothers  Ludhar Post Office
T +92 (052) 3575225
F +92 (052) 3575225
W www.saqbrothers.com

ProdukteSafety Gloves Collection
Safety Gloves Plam goat skin
Leather back florescent
Cloth orange color index finger keystone thumb reflector tips with fleece lining piping black color.

Saqlain Brothers, named after the name of. Mr M.Saqlain is situated in Ludhar Post Office Kharolian in the city of Sialkot and was established in 1998 with little resources but with a commitment to serve the international customers with a product having distinction in quality persuasion of only objective of the customers satisfaction.
Saqlain Brother gained greater customer affection through the years and as a result, its exports going up day. For fulfilling the requirements of customers we have our own tanning unit equipped with the latest machines. The best leather is prepared here under our own strict control to ensure the accurate quality deliveries to our valued customers. Saqlain Brothers has to stitching units equipped with the latest machines and the most dexterous hand. The installed Protection capacity of Saqlain Brothers is 9,000 12,000 Pairs day within 40-45 days. To meet the need of customers, best imported leather used. Dexterity is the asset of Saqlain brother and ergonomics has become a department. Quality of goods is under strict measures that each and every unit manufactured is dealt as sample In having a good name among the customers and having reputed name in export market Sialkot.

Our Pricing department has also contributed a lot into get good orders and provide most competitive and workable prices and most important about our Q A department this department directly work under our C.E.O Mr.M.Saqlain and Mr.M.Saqlain did not commitment with quality of goods, in time delivery.
In last our Production department and cargo planning department always try and get in time production and plain fast and safe way of cargo routing from our ware house to customer end.

Our all departments have skilled Persons, so competitive and workable. We are serving our European, Scandinavian and American customers since 1998. Finally we are able to get challenges for betterment of M/S. Saqlain Brothers and his workers.

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05. - 08.11.2013
Halle 07a / Stand B27 C27

Sprachtreff Frankfurt - Die Sprachschule mit Flair seit 1991, bietet u.a. Urdu, Punjabi und Farsi
Frankfurt am Main /

Sprachtreff Frankfurt - Die Sprachschule mit Flair  seit 1991, bietet u.a. Urdu, Punjabi und Farsi  Alte Gasse 27-29
Zentrale Lage Nähe Konstabler Wache
60313 Frankfurt am Main
T +49 (0)69 773807
F + 49 (0)69 773822
W www.sprachtreff.de

ProdukteSprachkurse bieten wir an in:
  • Englisch
  • DEUTSCH als Fremdsprache
  • Französisch
  • Spanisch
  • Italienisch
  • Portugiesisch
  • Niederländisch
  • Schwedisch
  • Russisch
  • Arabisch
  • Türkisch
  • Hebräisch
  • Chinesisch
  • URDU und Punjabi
FirmenprofilWir bieten Sprachkurse in Kleinstgruppen für Erwachsene als Abendkurs, Intensivkurs, Wochenend-Seminar, Einzelunterricht oder Semi-Privat-Stunden (Zwei-zu-Eins-Unterricht).
KontaktSprachtreff Frankfurt
Die Sprachschule mit Flair seit 1991
Zentrale Lage Nähe Konstabler Wache

Geschäftsführung Thomas Gesang Dipl. BW
Alte Gasse 27-29
60313 Frankfurt am Main

Tel. +49 (0)69-773807

NeuigkeitenHier finden Sie unsere aktuellen Urdu und Farsi Kurse.

Lahore / Pakistan

UNIVERSAL PISTONS  161-Grain Market, Badami Bafh
Badami Bagh
T +92 42 3772 7151, 2
F +92 42 3770 1449
E uph@brain.net.pk
W www.universalpistons.com

ProdukteIT & Management
=> Schadensmanagemnt und -steuerung (Versicherung Restwertbörsen)
Parts & Systems
=>Antrieb (Motor, Getriebe, Abgas) Normalteile (Befestigungselemente, Gewinde- und Sicherungselemente, Dichtringe, Wälzlager)
Repair & Maintenance
=>Karosserie-Instandsetzung (Ausrüstung und Metreial)
FirmenprofilWelcome to UNIVERSAL PISTONS
We specialize in the production of high quality precision pistons for the diesel and patrol engines. Established 1973, and has been deleoping and manufacturing aluminium alloy pistons ever since. Quality is our top priority, at every level and in every department. Stringent quality control and material is maintained online throughout the manufacturing process. Universal Pistons are dependable-best value for money.
KontaktHerr Muhammad Javaid (CEO)
Tel +92 43 3772 7151, 2
Fax + 92 43 3770 1449

Waqar & Company
Karachi / Pakistan

Waqar & Company  Plot # 542/2, Sector 7-A
Korangi, Industrial Area
T +92 (021) 35072648-38375960
F +92 (021) 35072648
W www.waqarandcompany.com


WAQAR AND COMPANY is one of the leading names in the field of leather protective clothing manufacturing and exporting since 1975. A family owned business established in 1975 flourishing by leaps and bounds due to its highly demanded products in the international market.

We have a very precise and vivid concept for our gears. We are totally committed to provide our customers a product that satisfies the internal needs and expectations. We always try to introduce new changes in the product, keeping in view the efficiency and comfort through research and development. All our products as per CE standard EN 388,470,12477. We have our own tannery. With such a vast clientele one can clearly state that Waqar & Company is not just about quality products but also about trusted customer satisfaction.

Since 2000 our UK distributor M.H.S International supply our products within the whole of the U.K and other EC countries. We have built our customer base and we now have a wide customer database all over the world. The clients of Waqar & Company are some of the biggest importers of the U.K, Poland, Chec Republic, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Denmark, France, Netherland etc.

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Halle 07a / Stand B27 C27